Successor of MANSUETO PIEROTTI • Since 1949

Successor of MANSUETO PIEROTTI • Since 1949

Successor of MANSUETO PIEROTTI • Since 1949


We are a traditional general ship supplier able to cover pretty much all the needs our clients might have when calling our area, such as:

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Our History

Starting its operations in October 2013, G. Pierotti Ship Supplier Ltda is an official successor of Mansueto Pierotti & Filhos Ltda., traditional Brazilian ship supplier since 1949; which ended its commecial activities.

The new company is managed by Mr. Geraldo Pierotti, co-owner of Mansueto Pierotti and former president of the Brazilian Ship Suppliers Association (ABFN) and his son Mr. Gustavo Pierotti, which brings new blood and fresh ideas to this new enterprise.

What gives G. Pierotti an edge over the average companies is the balanced mix between 70 years of expertise from Mansueto Pierotti and a new way to face the business, more modern and up-to-date that this fresh beginning provides.

G. Pierotti, has also strategically kept some of the key people from Mansueto's structure, people with more than 02 decades of experience in this business. Among them, Mr. Geraldo Pierotti, commercial and administrative director of Mansueto Pierotti for more than 45 years and Mr. Gustavo Pierotti, responsible for the cruise vessels supply department for over a decade.


Attend our clients with excellence, commitment, ethics and punctuality, through the quality of our services.


To be leader in its segment and recognized for the excellence of its performance.

Our Values


70 year of expertise.


To fulfill our clients’ needs and excel their expectations.


Basic premises for an honest partnership.


For our clients, suppliers and staff.


To cover most of the last minute and emergency demands from our valued clients.

Quality Policy

G. PIEROTTI SHIP SUPPLIER LTDA, adopts as Quality Policy the constant search for the satisfaction of its customers, guaranteeing the supply of products suited to their particular characteristics and demands, continuously aiming at optimizing delivery and improving the quality of products and services, through compliance with the applicable requirements and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, within a work environment that promotes the satisfaction and fulfillment of all employees.

Strategic Location

Our headquarters are in Santos, Brazil, the largest port of South America, right in front of the most important oil & gas basin recently discovered which are the deep water pre-salt fields from the Santos Basin, Brazil. Our branch office, in Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, covers an important oil terminal from Petrobras (TEBAR). From these two strategic points we are able to cover most of the southeast ports of Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro all the way down to Sao Francisco do Sul.

*Other ports excepcionally.

Head Office Data - Santos

Office space: 500 m2
Covered Warehouses: 2.000 m2
Truck fleet: 07 trucks
Staff: 65 people


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+55 13 3213 4747

34, Mansueto Pierotti Street
Santos, SP - Brazil - ZIP 11010 270